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Function Of Quality Magic Shrooms

Technically speaking, the psilocybin in magic mushrooms is mostly inactive. It’s only once magic mushrooms are ingested that their namesake psilocybin converts to psilocin, a much more usable psychoactive compound.

Research shows that psilocin readily binds to a wide variety of receptors within the brain, including serotonin receptors, oxytocin receptors, and dopamine receptors.

Foremost among these are the serotonin 5-HT2A receptors. Their importance is clearly seen in what happens to mice who don’t have them: these ‘knockout’ mice are unable to get ‘high’ or experience psychedelia. This supports the hypothesis that the 5-HT2A receptor is critical to the overall psychedelic experience.

More You Need To Know About Magic Mushrooms

Some neurologists believe that psilocin and LSD may possess the ability to enhance what’s called pyramidal neuron activity, resulting in more efficient neurotransmission. This, in turn, can lead to more creative thinking and more creative expression. A brain that’s on psilocin is a faster-firing, faster-adapting, more plastic brain.

One study by Carhart et al found that psilocin may increase cerebral blood flow and increase overall brain connectivity. They also found that psilocin may alleviate depression symptoms just as well as pharmaceuticals, with even more favorable “secondary” benefits:

“This trial comparing psilocybin with escitalopram in a selected group of patients showed that the change in scores for depression at 6 weeks did not differ significantly between the trial groups. Secondary outcomes mostly favored psilocybin over escitalopram, but the confidence intervals for the between-group differences were not adjusted for multiple comparisons. Larger and longer trials are needed to compare psilocybin with established treatments for depression.”

It’s also important to know that psilocin’s effects change over time — the compound leaves the brain differently than it found it. Psilocin temporarily mimics the neurotransmitter serotonin, leading to feelings of acceptance, bliss, and love. In the long run, however, psilocybin may actually sensitize serotonin receptors so much that less serotonin is needed.

The more psilocin is researched, the clearer it becomes that both functional receptors and healthy neurons are needed to facilitate the magic mushroom experience.

How Does It Feel To Be High Of Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms which are commonly acknowledged as Psilocybin mushrooms comes from a beloved group of psychedelics. These mushrooms do give naturally occurring hallucinogenic effects which changes the mood drastically, and the effect is commonly referred as tripping.

Visual High

The visual effects are the most common effects of magic mushroom. Just after one onset, you might get to experience colour distortions which will be vibrant and lively and might give you an experience of sparkly waves in your brain. You might also experience things to come in life which will display some out of world texture of things. Also, moving walls and glittering surfaces are some common effects which you might experience even if you close your eyes. However, to get the most wonderful experience, we recommend you to stay close to water or nature after consuming magic mushrooms. You might also witness animals taking, clouds dancing and trees signing too.

Perspective High

Initially, the magic mushroom will make feel that all your emotions and thoughts are out of proportions and you might not have control over it. Basically, that’s the exact time which will make you reflect your perspective. In the moment, you must take the time to rearrange your mind one by one and try to relax as it might also lead the effect into a bad trip. With time, the magic mushroom does have ability to help you find spot where your perspective will be clear. It will also make your capable to make your understanding clearer towards your life.

Reality Distortion

Your sense, in reality, will definitely distort! It may also make the space and trip around you literally stop or speed up to hundred times. The things you might have never known or imagined before will morph into the unknown.
Above are some of the possible effects of magic mushroom you might experience if taken in heavy doses.

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